Saturday, April 02, 2005

Superficial Wealth vs. Real Wealth

Artificial and Superficial Wealth vs. the Real Thing
Posted by valieroo on 2 April, 2005 - 17:32.
Jesus once said: "The meek shall inherit the earth." Knowing the Real Wealth of family and friends and maybe a little piece of earth to call your own to grow your food to eat and share with the community, to barter what one has for what one doesn't have - this sounds like paradise. When the oil runs out and no one has any way to distribute their products from the maquiladoras, guess what??? All that accumulated wealth and "stuff" will be very meaningless indeed. Right now all the people on earth who know how to live a simple and local lifestyle have a better chance of surviving (the 5 billion left after subtracting the aggressive, greedy 1.5 billion so called civilized folks) this very real possibility. Not to be negative or anything, It really sounds like a great natural consequence to have the oil be done with so that the cancer eating at our "civilized societies" will also be done with. So much for bringing Nicaragua into the 2lst century. Nicah20 is telling us all what the Nicaraguan people need, and it is not more of what the US has.


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