Friday, March 25, 2005

What Does Democracy Look Like??

With all this excitement about setting up a "democracy" in Iraq, one
would think that at home we would be on our best behaviour. Apparently,
however,that is not the case. Soon the Republicans will be the only
power in our government, and the proposed checks and balances of our
constitution will be forgotten.

Therefore all true believers of the democratic principles laid down by
our founding fathers need to be resounding with indignation. The grass
roots people of conscience will be what will ultimately save our
democracy from becoming nothing more than another fascist state. Radical
Republicans who favor corporate interests and the extreme right over the
rest of us need to be stopped in their tracks.

Judicial nominees, of which there will be four more during the next
four years, will most likely be extreme right choices if President Bush
has his way. Eliminating the filibuster is not about overcoming
"obstructionism", its about the desire for complete one-party control. After
taking millions of dollars from their corporate backers, republicans now
are seeking to use the courts to pay back their donors by overturning
protections like labor rights, environmental protections and privacy

Grass roots UNITE!!!!!


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