Friday, March 25, 2005

Boaqueno - a new friend possibility?

Small town folk like Boaqueno!
Posted by valieroo on 25 March, 2005 - 16:38.
Hi again, Boaqueno! We are small town folk now and have been for the last 30 years. It is the only way to go, we think. We have ties to a small town in Baja, Mexico called Mulege where Hispanic friends welcomed us warmly, and in Seldovia, Alaska where we are right now, there are many Native American people to befriend us. Seldovia has less than 300 year round residents by the way. I lived in the Northern Marianas Islands for almost three years back in the 80s on a little island called Rota. There were maybe l000 people on the island, and most of them Chamorros, who once again were friendly and loving to us. You kindof get addicted to that kind of life style, and coming back to the US mainstream life is a huge disappointment. There is so much more to this life than striving for material wealth and "success". Anyone who loves Nicaragua will agree with that.

Dave and I wish you well in the US Army. God willing, you will return to your beloved country to live a long and fulfilling life. We feel very out of touch with what the US government is doing around the world at the present. We would rather see the Peace Corps take over the military for the most part to bring goodwill and more comfort to other peoples, our brothers and sisters, around the world. Just think how much good could be happening if the Pentagon budget were applied to healthy food, water, living structures, sustainable development projects for power, internet in the far reaches, education and health services for all. WOW what a world that would be. Our son Colin just brought his sweetheart from Kenya to the US.(He met her while serving in the Peace Corps). It took almost two years of attorneys and buraucracy and lots of money to get her here, and Colin did it all by himself. Now they have three months in which to get married, and then they have to prove that their marriage is sincere. HMMMmmmmmm.

I believe you will be allowed to leave the US when you are ready - the Gov wants to keep people out, not necessarily keep them from leaving. How much longer do you have to serve out your term in the military?? And where are you based?? Seven or eight hours away? You will be able to bring great insight to Nic. now that you have been away and seen many things. You have a confidence and pride in yourself that is desirable in order to reach your goals, and Stealth 007 has people with $ to help start up some great project.

Thanks for the Google Images idea - I will go there now to partake of all the pics. I get lost in them and it feels like I have really been to Nicaragua - I love it!!! What do your people need in Boaco??
Besides sinks?? (Padredemumi injoke.)


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